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Is Conan O’Brien Intentionally Disrespecting Finland?

Finland’s Jerobeam Salakyttä (Jerobeam Under-the-Covers), the modestly self-proclaimed “World’s Best Clown Dive Team” has been reaching out to American comedian and talk show host Conan O’Brien while they have been performing at the Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool in Long Beach, California in Clash of the Clowns an official event of Long Beach Sea Festival.

Their hosts, McCormick Divers who train at the Belmont Plaza Pool started contacting Conan in July in hopes he would participate in the Celebrity Plunge as part of the clown show and diving exhibition. Crowds loved the team and were thrilled to watch the coverage on local Los Angeles TV Stations KABC-7 and especially watching KTLA-5’s Allie MacKay take the Celebrity Plunge Challenge by performing a trick with one of the clowns off the 10-meter diving platform.

With all of this great success, the team is wondering why Conan O’Brien still hasn’t responded to their challenge. Is he intentionally disrespecting the people of Finland? Or does he just not know how much they love him?

O’Brien has a long running mutual fascination with Finland since the Finnish people sent in the most emails of any country saying how much they enjoy watching O’Brien’s shows. He even traveled to Finland where they discovered O’Brien’s striking resemblance to Finland’s female President. Jerobeam Dive Team members explain that the people of Finland are very reserved. They love that O’Brien does so many crazy stunts.

That is why the Jerobeam Salakyttä Clown Dive Team is confused that he hasn’t taken them up on their challenge. They expected that out of anyone in the U.S., Conan O’Brien would be the first to Man-Up and join them on the 10-Meter Platform. They even offered to let him take photos with them atop the Belmont Plaza Pool’s 10-Meter platform and let one of the team members do the stunt on his behalf.

Video of the team atop the 10-meter platform at Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool Challenging O’Brien is available on Youtube Several stories about O’Brien and his Finland connection pop up when you watch the Clash of the Clowns video. More video and photos available on Facebook
Jerobeam Salakyttä webpage

Conan O'Brien

Will Conan O'Brien Man-Up?

We don’t believe that Conan O’Brien is intentionally trying to offend our Finnish guests, he just doesn’t know how much he means to them. Let Conan know how much you like him and want to see him take on the Celebrity Plunge. Contact him on FaceBook and on Twitter and Team Coco.


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