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July 31, 2011 / jessicaintl

Insphere Insurance Solutions Sponsors Fire Stunt

Some of the most exciting parts of the Clash of the Clowns show are the fire stunts.  These performers are professionals with years of experience.  Even so,  fire is always dangerous.   In order to safely bring this stunt to our show, dedicated members of the Long Beach Fire Department will be on  hand.

Insphere Insurance Solutions is proud to sponsor the Fire Marshall for Allie MacKay’s visit Thursday August 18th for the KTLA Morning Show.  Click Here to see the Fire Stunt.  Click Here to see Allie’s Stunt.

Most People know that fire can damage homes and businesses which is why fire insurance is a requirement for home and business owners, but what if you got burned – not even in a major devastating fire, but in a simple kitchen or backyard bar-b-que fire?  Would your insurance cover your visit to the emergency room or urgent care?  What if your burn is serious enough that you would be admitted to the hospital?  An overnight stay in a hospital costs thousands of dollars even with the best insurance.  Would you be able to cover your deductible without  clearing out your savings?

You'll likely survive the hospital stay, but will your savings survive?

These are things most people don’t  spend a lot of time thinking about until they find out that their insurance coverage isn’t what they thought it was.  That’s why Insphere Insurance Solutions representatives work with you and customize a package of insurance coverage that fits your needs and your budget.  Almost every plan has plus’s and minus’s.   We know the ins and outs of hundreds of insurance plans at a wide variety of insurance companies to put together a solution that’s right for you.

Even if you already have insurance coverage, you might be surprised at all of the gaps that seem small until you find yourself in a medical challenge.  Insphere is happy to offer members a wide range of programs and discount services you can use every day and know you have the extra coverage your existing insurance doesn’t cover.  Click here for details.

McCormick Divers provides a fun and safe environment for children and teens. We offer a positive alternative to gangs, drugs, and violence. The team is coached by experienced professionals with the goal of developing young talent and helping build self-esteem while striving to instill the values of hard work, good sportsmanship and the value of participating in the community.

Clash of the  Clowns is an Official Event of Long Beach Sea Festival.

Clash of the Clowns is an Official Event of Long Beach Sea Festival

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