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Community and Media Day

Jerobeam Clown Diver Coming to Long Beach

On Friday August 19th, we are offering limited free seats to our 1:00pm Clown Show for community and charity groups.  Kids love to see the clowns and watch their amazing tricks and hilarious spills.  You provide the transportation for your group and we will provide the fun.

Local and National Media are invited to come see the troupe as well as a variety of Celebrities who are invited to participate in the Celebrity Plunge.

If you are a manager or coordinator of a day camp, school or charity organization, a member of the media or representative for a celebrity interested in helping us raise funds by participating in the Celebrity Plunge, please email McCormick Divers Boosters at

or complete this information form below

Register your group for free tickets for our Friday August 19th Show like Kids Against Cruelty to Animals and The Friendship Circle of South Bay.

McCormick Divers provides a fun and safe environment for children and teens. We offer a positive alternative to gangs, drugs, and violence. The team is coached by experienced professionals with the goal of developing young talent and helping build self-esteem while striving to instill the values of hard work, good sportsmanship and the value of participating in the community.

Tickets on sale Now! for all Tickets Click Here!

To Donate Click Here! This takes you directly to the PayPal Donation Page.

To Buy Friday tickets Click Here!

To Buy Saturday tickets Click Here!

To Buy Sunday tickets Click Here!

To Register your group for free tickets for our Friday August 19th Show Click Here!

Clash of the Clowns is an Official Event of Long Beach Sea Festival

“Like” us on Facebook and share our event.


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